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Access working capital, keep track of your receivables and invoice your customers anywhere & anytime. Your loan applications are processed within 48 hours and, if approved, disbursed within the same day.

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Data is the new Collateral

Banks require collateral to give out loans. To get financing from Lidya, you don’t need to have a collateral, 3 year audited financials and 5 year financial projections. Our algorithms process around 100 data points to make a decision.

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Lidya Credit Score

Every payment, every data counts. We pioneer decision making with our credit score for small & medium businesses. As you build your score; you will unlock better rates and more capital.

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No Hidden Fees Transparent

For every loan that our clients take, our repayment schedule is clearly communicated. It doesn’t have any additional or hidden fees. You pay back what you see.

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